Haifa Restaurant

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Dine In, Take Out, Delivery & Catering
Available Gluten Free, Vegan




Humus, Tahini, Babaganoush, Eggplant Salad, or Spicy Carrot
Combination Salads (Choice of 3 Salads)
Falafel (6 Pces & Tahini), Kibbe (3 Pces & Tahini), or Moroccan Cigars (6 pc & Tahini)
Appetizer Combo: 2 Falafel, 2 Kibbe, & 2 Cigars with Tahini
Appetizer Combo: 3 Falafel, 3 Kibbe, & 3 Cigars with Tahini
Stuffed Grape Leaves (Filled with Ground Lamb, Beef, Rice, & House Seasonings)
Falafel (3 Pieces) Plate with Shawarma, Humus-Tahini, Israeli Salad
Shawarma-Humus Served Over a Plate of Humus
Humus-Mushrooms Served Over a Plate of Humus
Beef Carmel Humus Chopped Beef Sautéed to Perfection! Served Over Humus



Matzo Ball Soup
Yemenite Soup
Quinoa Salad
(Mint, Tomato, Onion)
Garden Salad (Romaine, Tomato, Onion, & Cucumber)
Chicken Salad (Grilled Chicken Breast, Salad, Tomato, & Cucumber)
Salad Nicoise (Salad, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Olives, Eggs, & Tuna)

Pita Pocket (Filled with Your Choice of Humus, Tahini, Israeli Salad)

Falafel / Shawarma / Schnitzel / Shishlik Chicken / Grilled Chicken Breast
Kebab / Pargiyot / Shishlik Beef

Matzo Ball Soup

Deli Sandwiches & Burgers
(Served with Potato salad, Coleslaw, or French Fries & Pickles )

Pastrami / Corned Beef (with Gluten Free option)
Salami / Smoked Turkey / Turkey (with Gluten Free option)
Tuna Salad / Egg Salad (with Gluten Free option)
Beef Burger (with Gluten Free option)
Burger Pastrami (with Gluten Free option)
Burger Sunny sidep (with Gluten Free option)
Burger Mushroom Teriyaki (with Gluten Free option)
Burger Vegan (Quinoa, black beans, falafel ...)
Hot Dog (with Gluten Free option)

Side Dishes for Entrées

Entrées Are Served with Your Choice of 2 Side Dishes: Rice, Green Beans, French Fries,
Corn, Israeli Salad, Baked Potato, Mashed Potato, Couscous


Rainbow Trout (whole fish) Soy & Ginger pan-seared a Delish & Healthy
Baked Salmon (GF) A 8oz. Baked Salmon Filet
Moroccan Fish Tilapia (GF) Tilapia Filet w/ Bell Peppers, Cilantro & Garlic

Main Dishes

Shawarma (GF) Tender Slices of (leg tigh) Chicken, Cooked on Our Griddle with Our Secret Blend of Spices
Schnitzel Fried Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Seasoned to Perfection!
Mediterranean Baked Chicken (GF) Leg & thigh With Our Famous Mediterranean Seasoning
Chicken Olives & Lemons (GF) Delicious popular Moroccan dish

Moroccan Meat Ball tasty & spiced seasoning
Beef Bourguignon (Beef braised & slow cooked in red wine, a delish)

Mini Roast (GF) Succulent Slices of Meat That Melt in Your Mouth!

Vegan Option
Tofu Curry
(sauteed Tofu with tomato, carrot, potato in curry sauce)
Stir Fry Vegetables (sauteed peppers, carrot, zucchini, onion)
ed Rice Veggies (Rice sauteed witch onion, carrot, peas)


Shishlik Chicken or Pargyot (GF) (Tender Pieces of Succulent 2 Skewers)

Grilled Chicken Breast
(GF) (Boneless Chicken Marinated in Our Famous Sauce)

Shishlik Beef or Mix Grill (GF)
(Tender Pieces of Succulent London Beef – 2 Skewers)

Kebab Beef & Lamb (GF)
(Ground Beef/Lamb Sausage with Our Famous Israeli Seasoning)

Rib Steak Filet (14 oz) (GF) (Lean-Cut Prime Rib Fillet)

Bone-In Rib Eye
(16 oz) (GF) (Côte de Bœuf - Prime Rib for One)

Haifa Grill Combination
(2 Kababs, 1 Chicken Shish, 1 Beef Shish, & Shawarma)

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Steak on Flame

Menu Prices Subject to Change Without Notice – Menu Items Subject to Availability

Shabbat Meal

Shabbat Meals on the Go

Complete Friday Meal for Two — Only $60

(Orders placed on Friday $70)

4 Challah Rolls
2 Portions Gefilte Fish with Horseradish
2 Chicken Entrées
(Grilled Chicken Breast, Chicken Schnitzel, Mediterranean Baked Chicken)
Or Pargyot, Beef Kebab - $5 Extra                                                Or Mini Roast, Shishlick Beef - $8 Extra
4 Side Dishes (Rice, Green Beans, Corn, Pasta, Couscous, Israeli Salad, Mashed Potato, or Coleslaw)
1 Large Kedem Grape Juice
Candles, Cutlery, Condiments, & paper goods
(Replace Gefilte for Salmon or Moroccan Fish Tilapia for $5 Extra)

Homemade Combination Salads your choice of 3 salads 8oz each : $16 Humus, Babaganoush, Eggplant salad, Isareli salad, Matbuchah, Beet, Carrot salad

Shabbat Lunch Box: $15 each
Deli Sandwich Turkey, Salami, Pastrami, Corn Beef with Coleslaw or Potato salad

Cholent / Hamin in Brand New Crock Pot
3 people $65 |   6 people $90 |   9 people $120

Candle Lighting Times

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