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Dine In, Take Out, Delivery & Catering



Humus, Tahini, Babaganoush, Eggplant Salad, or Spicy Carrot
Combination Salads (Choice of 3 Salads)
Falafel (6 Pces & Tahini), Kibbe (3 Pces & Tahini), or Moroccan Cigars (6 pc & Tahini)
Appetizer Combo: 2 Falafel, 2 Kibbe, & 2 Cigars with Tahini
Appetizer Combo: 3 Falafel, 3 Kibbe, & 3 Cigars with Tahini
Stuffed Grape Leaves (Filled with Ground Lamb, Beef, Rice, & House Seasonings)
Falafel (3 Pieces) Plate with Shawarma, Humus-Tahini, & Israeli Salad
Shawarma-Humus* Served Over a Plate of Humus
Humus-Mushrooms* Served Over a Plate of Humus
Beef Carmel* Chopped Beef Sautéed to Perfection! Served Over Humus



Matzo Ball Soup
Yemenite Soup
Garden Salad (Salad, Tomato, Onion, & Cucumber)
Chicken Salad (Grilled Chicken Breast, Salad, Tomato, & Cucumber)
Salad Nicoise (Salad, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Olives, Eggs, & Tuna)

Pita Pocket (Filled with Your Choice of Humus, Tahini, Israeli Salad)

Falafel / Shawarma / Schnitzel / Grilled Chicken Breast*
Kebab / Pargiyot / Shishlik Chicken / Shishlik Beef*

Matzo Ball Soup

Deli Sandwiches (Served with Potato salad, Coleslaw, or French Fries & Peckles )

Pastrami / Corned Beef
Salami/ Smoked Turkey / Turkey Rol

Tuna Salad / Egg Salad

Beef Burger*

Burger Mushroom Teriyaki *

Hot Dog

Side Dishes for Entrées

Entrées Are Served with Your Choice of 2 Side Dishes: Rice, Green Beans, French Fries,
Corn, Israeli Salad, Baked Potato, Mashed Potato, Couscous


Tilapia Fried* Whole Tilapia Deep Fried - Crispy & Delicious
Baked Salmon* A 8oz. Baked Salmon Filet
Moroccan Fish Tilapia* Tilapia Filet w/ Bell Pepper, Cilantro & Garlic

Main Dishes 

Shawarma* Tender Slices of (leg tigh) Chicken, Cooked on Our Griddle with Our Secret Blend of Spices
Schnitzel* Fried Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Seasoned to Perfection!
Mediterranean Baked Chicken* (Leg & thigh) With Our Famous Mediterranean Seasoning
Chicken Olives & Lemons Delicious popular Moroccan dish
                                                                                        Moroccan Meat Ball tasty & spiced seasoning                                                                                                                         Beef Bourguignon (Beef braised & slow cooked in red wine, a delish) 
Mini Roast* Succulent Slices of Meat That Melt in Your Mouth!


Shishlik Chicken or Pargyot* (Tender Pieces of Succulent Chicken – 2 Skewers)
Grilled Chicken Breast* (Boneless Chicken Breast Marinated in Our Famous Sauce)
Shishlik Beef or Mix Grill* (Tender Pieces of Succulent London Beef – 2 Skewers)
Kebab Beef & Lamb * (Ground Beef/Lamb Sausage with Our Famous Israeli Seasoning)
Rib Steak Filet (14 oz)* (Lean-Cut Prime Rib Fillet
Bone-In Rib Eye (16 oz)* (Côte de Bœuf - Prime Rib for One)
Haifa Grill Combination* (Two Kababs, One Chicken Shish, One Beef Shish, & Shawarma)

*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Steak on Flame

Menu Prices Subject to Change Without Notice – Menu Items Subject to Availability

Shabbat Meals on the Go

Complete Friday Meal for Two — Only $60

(Orders placed on Friday $70) 

4 Challah Rolls
2 Portions Gefilte Fish with Horseradish
2 Chicken Entrées (Grilled Chicken Breast, Chicken Schnitzel, Mediterranean Baked Chicken)                          Or Pargyot, Beef Kebab - $5 Extra
Or Mini Roast (Succulent Slices of Meat), Shishlick Beef - $8 Extra
4 Side Dishes (Rice, Green Beans, Corn, Pasta, Couscous, Israeli Salad, Mashed Potato, Coleslaw)
1 Large Kedem Grape Juice
Candles, Cutlery, Condiments, & Flatware
(Replace the Gefilte with the Salmon or Moroccan Fish Tilapia for $5 Extra)

Homemade Combination Salads your choice of 3 salads 8oz each : $16                  Humus, Babaganoush, Eggplant salad, Isareli salad, Matbuchah, Beet, Carrot salad 

Shabbat Lunch Box :  $15 each                                                                                     Deli Sandwich Turkey, Salami, Pastrami, Corn Beef with Coleslaw or Potato salad

Cholent / Hamin in brand new Crock Pot                                                                       3 people $65          6 people $90          9 people $120        

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