Haifa Restaurant

Tel : 702 940 8000

Dine In,Take Out, Delivery & Catering
Available Gluten-Free, Vegan

Information & Policies

Payment Terms & Gratuity

We accept all major credit cards to process payment for your event. In addition to this payment method, Haifa Restaurant also accepts a company check at least 72 hours in advance of delivery of order. It is not our policy to add in gratuity for services provided by our staff. If indeed a client chooses to personally add in this amount, it is at their own discretion. 

Menu Prices

Prices on our menus and website may be subject to change due to market price fluctuation and product availability. Should you have any additions or substitutions in your order, we update your invoice and resend it for review and approval. Substitutions and additions on any menu reflect price changes on the final invoice. Please contact us for more information.

Cancellation Policy

At Haifa Restaurant, all orders are automatically processed on our secure merchant processor and sent to us for preparation as soon as they are placed. We incur irreversible fees during this transaction. Therefore, while we understand that sometimes orders require modifications, we are unable to do so after your order has reached a certain stage in development. We strictly adhere to the following cancellation policy:

You may only cancel or change your order exactly 48 hours after submittal.
You will be assessed a 15% cancellation fee for charge reversal.
All cancellations must be processed in-person.
All cancellations are verified with a confirmation number and refund receipt to original credit card.
All orders changed must be called in within exactly 24 hours of order submittal.
All changes are verified with an order change confirmation number.
Any order not cancelled or changed within the allowed time limit is the sole responsibility of the customer. Orders not claimed by the end of the pick-up day will be discarded, and will not be replaced or refunded by Haifa Restaurant.